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2 Alternatives To Expensive Habits

There are hefty expenses people often commit to because we believe there are no viable alternatives. But this common misconception has many of us splurging on treatments and products that we could very easily DIY at home at a fraction of the cost! Read on for 2 simple ways you could save money on indulgent expenses – pronto.

DIY alternative to a salon visit

“Only a hairdresser could make my hair look this sleek”, is a common phrase people utter when they see glossy locks in TV commercials. While I love a great blow dry, it is possible to achieve luscious tresses without the salon price tag. Investing in a high-quality shampoo and conditioner could make all the difference. Think about it: one quality blow dry could cost more than a high-end shampoo/conditioner (that would last months)!

I recently trialled a few Zenz Organic Professional products (an organic, eco-friendly and natural hair care range) and fell in love with two particular products: the Zenz Organic Shampoo Pure No 1 and Zenz Organic Conditioner Pure No.2.

The ultimate test of a good shampoo is whether it can retain your hair’s moisture on its own – without any conditioner. I trialled the Zenz Organic shampoo on its own, without any treatment or conditioner and lo and behold my hair was still silky soft – in fact, it felt as though I had applied a nourishing mask for hours. Despite being seriously hydrating, it did not weight my hair down in the slightest – in fact, my hair looked bouncier, and my roots appeared more voluminous. I would caution against using the shampoo without a conditioner for more than 6 days though, as my hair did feel a little drier (when I only used the shampoo) once it hit the one week mark.

Because the shampoo impressed me, I felt more confident in using the Zenz Organic conditioner. I was initially cautious, because natural conditioners have usually been very heavy, irritating and caused seriously greasy hair on me! To my surprise, the Zenz Organic conditioner was moisturising, seemed to tame my frizzy ends and deliver a very sleek finish. It’s the kind of texture you expect from doing a 10-step hair routine. I also noticed my frazzled hair become less brittle. However, be wary – this is still a conditioner, so don’t apply this at your roots! I learnt this the hard way – I applied the conditioner too enthusiastically at one point (after the brilliant results) and did end up with slightly limp hair! The best amount is just a 50-cent piece for medium to long hair.

Overall, this Zenz Organic shampoo and conditioner duo left my hair looking polished and preened — certainly a more cost-effective alternative to frequent salon visits!

Replaced my daily lattes with this supplement

I’ve been addicted to matcha lattes because it’s the only caffeinated beverage that gives me energy but doesn’t send me into an anxiety-ridden tailspin. And truthfully, I’ve been purchasing matcha lattes daily and the expenses have been adding up! Whilst I love supporting my local cafés (and will continue to do so), I also discovered a supplement that has reduced my matcha latte consumption: L-theanine.

L-theanine is a naturally occurring amino acid that is predominantly found in mushrooms and tea! Studies have shown that it can reduce anxiety and increase focus and concentration. L-theanine supplements generally cost $40, whilst a latte costs on average $5 – 8, however, the supplement has lasted me for well over 8 months – meaning the cost per serve is pretty great value for money!

Everyone’s body reacts differently, so I urge you to discuss alternative supplements with a relevant health professional. However, this supplement certainly gives me good mental stamina and provides a sustainable calm energy. Please note, I once took this at night and couldn’t sleep until 3 am– so from my personal experience (and remember- this could differ depending on your body), I recommend taking it during the day.

Cheaper alternatives exist all around us! Often we think only professionals can help us achieve a certain result, or purchasing products directly from the store can satisfy our cravings – but doing things ourselves is often easier than you would expect! So I encourage you to look at your expenses and experiment with different alternatives to see where you can replicate the same effects at home!

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