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Frugal Fashion – How To Stay Stylish On A Budget!

Instagram has become one of the main places to learn, discuss and discover new fashion from around the world. It has given me inspiration as to how I wish to express myself, and has broadened my perspectives about beauty and style. However, it is often overwhelming because it seems impossible to have a healthy budget and a fashionable wardrobe. For most people the financial aspect of ‘keeping up’ is a source of anxiety and insecurity.

This week on Sugarmamma’s Fireplay Podcast, I sat down with Jamie Lee (one of my favourite fashion Instagram’s to follow) to chat about some of her tips and tricks on how she keeps on top of her finances and remains confident in what she wears during her day to day.

Here are a few of key pieces of advice she gave us over on the Podcast:

‘Double Duty’ outfits – Buying outfits which serve dual purposes, such as your home life and work like is a simple and effective way of maximising your spend when you purchase new clothes. Updating two wardrobes is uneconomical and quite frankly time consuming. Reduce the pressure you put on yourself and make purchases that show who you are and serve a functional purpose.

Pre-loved is essential – Whilst not a new insight, it is often a forgotten one. Pre-loved clothes are significantly cheaper than first hand and not to mention exponentially more environmentally friendly. I personally love pre-loved because usually the pieces are unique and difficult to find elsewhere, meaning the item becomes a little part of me.

Wait 30 days before you purchase – Give yourself time to mull over the piece. After the 30 days is over, is it still an item you see yourself wearing? If it is, go for it! That means you won’t regret spending money on it. If it doesn’t excite you after the 30 days you know you have made the right decision.

Understand your colour palette – Jamie Lee really emphasises mindfulness and awareness when it comes to the fashion choices we make. Taking a moment to understand what makes us feel confident, ourselves and comfortable gives us more direction our purchases. Having an idea in mind of what it is that makes us feel good, reduces the opportunity of impulse purchases merely because an outfit is in trend. Take the time to understand what it is that you enjoy wearing rather than looking outwards at what is seemingly in vogue on Instagram – it changes too quickly!

Whilst I have pulled out a few of my favourite tips from the podcast, Jamie Lee has so many more useful and empowering tips on how to look at fashion as an opportunity to express oneself rather than just a source of anxiety and financial pressure. Keeping up with fashion trends is impossible and at odds with a healthy budget. What is sustainable and long term is identifying a fashion sense that feels like you and sticking to purchases which reflect that.


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