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Finance education made fun – with Banqer

As another school holiday quickly approaches, I am finding myself (once again) scrambling to find some fun, frugal but educational activities to help keep Rocco entertained. Not to sound too fussy, but I am looking for activities that will help contribute to his own personal growth and development and boost his life skills for the long term.

In perfect timing, Banqer (through the support of Netwealth) have just released some brilliant, thought-provoking games and activities for you and your children to do together, to start their own financial wellness journey.

Each activity varies and is designed to get your children thinking independently about the value of hard work, sacrifices, and even delayed gratification. These fun games, which include cooking, planning events, and tidying up the house, teach powerful principals behind budgeting, saving, and insurance.

Rocco and I got to try a few of these out together and not only was this a great bonding experience, but I was also impressed and proud to see Rocco’s own understanding and awareness around money organically unfold. He actually felt empowered as he started to get a sense of perspective between needs and wants. The value and comfort that comes from having money saved up for a rainy day, and that sometimes paying for peace of mind is well worth the investment, were some of the lessons he learned. He understood that money, when used in a sensible manner, actually added important benefits that gave even greater choice and freedom.

This new-found awareness will serve him in his own personal financial future, where he has the insight, wisdom, and confidence to use money in the right type of way. That will not only help him use money wisely, but more importantly, he’ll know how to protect it and grow it for even more financial freedom and empowerment.

To see us do some of these activities, you can watch each of them here. And to access all 8 activities, which are free, you can sign up for them here.

Let me know how you go, what your kids learn, and which activity was your favourite! In the meantime, a huge thank you to Banqer for putting together these fun and very frugal activities for parents like me, who want to give our children as many skills as possible, that will serve them well into their exciting future!

Here are some of the fun activities I have done with Rocco!

  • Rocco learning about the cost of food
  • Rocco learning about budgeting
  • Rocco learning about emergency savings and insurance

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